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Adventure Time XXRAY PLUS Figures 2-Pack Ice King & Gunter 11-21 cm

732,10 kr


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Introducing the supposedly evil wizard capable of creating and manipulating ice and snow, Ice King is a frequent antagonist and the self-proclaimed ruler of the Ice Kingdom-a land of ice he claims his own where he lives in the company of many penguins. Speaking of penguins...we also have here little Gunter! This small penguin companion is Ice King's very own sidekick and partner-in-crime. Hence he can either be placed in Ice King's right arm (like a right-hand man geddit?) or at the side right next to Ice King (whichever you prefer!).

Now hurry catch the wizard villain and his adorably evil pet penguin before the pair runs off on yet another malevolent misadventure in the Land of Ooo!

Both figures come together in a window box.

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