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Gamera 3 The Revenge of Iris S.H. MonsterArts Action Figure Gamera 1999 Kyoto Decisive Battle Ver. 16 cm

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From the classic kaiju movie "Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris," Gamera rejoins S.H.Monsterarts in a recolored [1999] KYOTO DECISIVE BATTLE Version!

Sculpting Overseen by the dream team of veteran kaiju movie sculptor Shinichi Wakasa, and Gamera series sculptors Tomoo Haraguchi and Kan Takahama, it replicates Gamera just as it appeared onscreen.

Coloring Colored to evoke Gamera's appearance in the battle of Kyoto. The shell is topcoated in the same color of paint used on the actual suit, bringing its appearance close to that of the back-painted translucent vinyl "scales" used on the real thing.

Accessories In addition to the same Burning Fist included with the 2018 edition, wing arm options are included as well. What's more, an injured right arm, as seen in the climactic battle against Iris, is included as an option as well.

Set Contents: Main Body, Burning fist arm, Flight mode parts, Flight mode stand, Damaged right arm option

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