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Sevenger Fight Master Craft Statue Jirahs 40 cm

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Jirahs made his debut in Episode 10 of Ultraman, "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base." The Master Craft Extreme Craftsman series has launched its latest statue based on the version of Jirahs in Sevenger Fight. With a huge tail, strong legs and flexible hands, he is unforgettable once he comes out. In order to satisfy the fans who love the special style of film with real people wearing prop costumes, we have faithfully restored his reptile-like body lines, huge dorsal fin and signature neck frill. At the same time, the details of the body are strong, with a ready-to-go attack posture and ferocious intent in Jirahs' eyes. The Master Craft Extreme Craftsman series version of this class indestructible monster is definitely one that cannot be passed up!

Product Size: 26 x 29 x 40 cm

Limited Edition of 3000 pcs worldwide.

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