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Space Jam: A New Legacy Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 LeBron James 20 cm



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All we gotta do is get one bucket.

2021 sees the launch of a new generation of basketball heroes and villains with the release of Space Jam A New Legacy! The immensely popular Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters are joined by international NBA superstar Lebron James in what is sure to be an exciting adventure into a new world of Space Jam.

Lebron James, one of the world's most celebrated NBA basketball players is now getting his very own DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) action figure treatment from the Beast Kingdom 'Entertainment Experience Brand' team!
Get ready to pose your very own Lebron James figure in a multitude of ways, and bring the fight to the dastardly Goon Squad team!

Featuring around 20 points of articulation, the screen accurate 8-inch Lebron James is dressed from head to toe in a Tune Squad jersey made of real fabric. With a combined realistic and muscular look, made of high quality materials and paint work, as well as a highly articulable body, the figure gives fans ample ways to pose the amazingly skilled Lebron on his journey to success!
In addition, a selection of replaceable faces and hands allows customization unlike any other. Pair the strong Lebron James with an included magnetic basketball for attachment to a set of hands and this natural born leader is ready for action.

DAH-047 Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James:

Included accessories:

- Classic, muscular physique with around 20 points of articulation
- Two (2) replaceable Lebron James head sculpts (Regular, smiling)
- Four (4) pairs of replaceable hands
- One basketball
- Tune Squad team jersey and shorts made of real fabric
- Special, branded figure base with bracket

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