Star Trek: Alliance Miniatures Game Expansion Dominion War Campaign Part II *English Version*

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NOTE: THIS IS AN EXPANSION: You will need either Star Trek Alliance: Dominion War Campaign or a Star Trek Attack Wing Core Set to play.

Star Trek Alliance is a cooperative miniatures experience, featuring starship battles in the Star Trek universe! This box contains components for 1-2 players to play the Dominion War Campaign: part II, including painted plastic ships, cards, tokens, and a 7-mission campaign book. With multiple copies of this set, up to 6 players can battle the Dominion together!

You can either jump in here, or continue your story for a truly epic adventure! Create new Klingon captains, or carry forward Federation captains from the Star Trek Alliance: Dominion War Campaign and play a series of campaign missions. During each mission, battle against Dominion ships controlled by the game in tactical space combat while completing objectives to earn experience points. Between missions, spend experience points to upgrade your ships and advance the campaign!


- 1 Campaign Book
- 1 Full Rulebook
- 5 Painted Plastic Ships
- 5 Plastic Bases with 10 Pegs
- 5 Ship Tokens
- 2 Blue Dice
- 5 Heroclix ™ Maneuver Dials
- 12 Action & Status Tokens
- 6 Obstacle Tokens
- 3 AI Logic Cards
- 13 AI Loadout Cards
- 33 Upgrade Cards
- 10 Ship & Maneuver Cards
- 2 Player Cards

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