Super Robot Wars OG Series Riobot Actionfigur Compatible Kaiser 25 cm

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I'll show you a great battle!

From the Super Robot Wars OG series comes the long awaited ""Compatible Kaiser""!!

Created under Takanobu Terada and Masami Obari's complete supervision, this figure fully embodies the dynamic framework and powerful proportions of the original design!
The approximately 250mm tall body is made of ABS and diecast parts, making it both heavyset and sharp-looking!
To support its massive body, 27 of its joints are equipped with click-joint function!
Wide range of articulation using pull-out designs, click-joints with high stability and expressive hand parts with individually articulated fingers can all be used to recreate the various action poses depicted in the game!
The LED light installed in the chest can be turned on by a switch on the back to display the finishing move "Kaiser Burst"! "Kaiser Boomerang" can also be re-enacted by detaching the armor on the shoulders and the waist!
Furthermore, it is possible to combine with ""RIOBOT G Thunder Gate (sold separately)"", an exclusive item also available for pre-order on D4TOYS.COM and Sen-ti-den starting today, to form ""G Compatible Kaiser""!

Roar! Compatible Kaiser!

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