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Wonders of the Wild Series Statue 1/1 Trilobites Miniature Frame & Fossil 15 cm



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The trilobite is an extinct marine arthropod that lived over 500 million years ago during the Paleozoic Era. These creatures were one of the earliest complex organisms to evolve on Earth and have left behind a rich fossil record. The trilobite had a hard exoskeleton which protected it from predators and environmental hazards. Some species grew up to three feet in length. They lived in a variety of marine environments, from shallow tropical seas to deep ocean trenches.

This replica of a trilobite is mounted in a display frame and shows how it might have looked as a living creature in the prehistoric ocean.

A fossil replica of two trilobites is available as part of the deluxe set with the framed trilobite or as a separate piece.

The Nautilus and Trilobite are also featured on the base of the Star Ace Dunkleosteus statue.

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