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By adopting a new material "LIMEX" that contains a lot of minerals, the
existence of fossils has a reality,
and you can feel the breath of life that lived in ancient times.

  • "Tactile feel" with a dry feel like plaster
  • "Quality" with a matte surface that has a soft luster
  • "Weight feeling" that feels the weight of limestone compared to conventional plastic

LIMEX is a new material from Japan that uses limestone as the main raw material.
It can be molded into a plastic alternative and can reduce the amount of petroleum-derived resin used.
It is attracting attention from home and abroad as an environmentally friendly material that can also reduce CO2 emissions.

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1/1 Gunpla-kun DX Set (with Runner Ver. reproduction parts)1/1 Gunpla-kun DX Set (with Runner Ver. reproduction parts)
Spar 21%Limex - Dinosaur Skeleton TriceratopsLimex - Dinosaur Skeleton Triceratops
Limex - Dinosaur Skeleton Triceratops Salgspris€25,95 Normalpris€32,95
Spar 21%Limex - Dinosaur Skeleton Tyrannosaurus RexLimex - Dinosaur Skeleton Tyrannosaurus Rex
Limex - Dinosaur Skeleton Tyrannosaurus Rex Salgspris€25,95 Normalpris€32,95