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Disney 100th Master Craft Statue Stitch with Frog 34 cm

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The naughtiest Disney protagonist ever is a small blue alien, codenamed 'Experiment No.626'an energetic ball of fun with the biggest smile ever. If you haven't guessed already, he is indeed Stitch from the hit animated series Lilo And Stitch.

The MasterCraft series, loved by collectors the world over under Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience brand is launching a new Disney 100 Years of Wonder series of high-end statues. This release showcases the Lilo and Stitch and is a recreation of the super cute Stitch in all is blue, smiley glory. Limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide , the hand painted collectable features a cute frog on Stitch as well as a sand-like base with a numbered, Disney 100 Years of Wonder plaque. Stitch himself is seen lazing on a sunny beach complete with his signature blue color and big smile. For all loyal fans of Stitch this is a statue not to be missed.

Size: 26 x 25 x 34 cm

Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide.

Please note: For this item, demand is expected to be higher than the available quantity, which may result in allocations or cancellations of quantities ordered.

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