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Harmonia Bloom Nendoroid Doll Action Figure Gabriela 23 cm



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The third doll in the Seasonal Doll Series is themed around the traditional Día de Muertos holiday.

The Harmonia bloom Seasonal Doll series features dolls themed around events and culture around the world.
The third doll in the series is themed after traditions from Mexico. We present Gabriela, a doll themed after Día de Muertos, a traditional holiday for remembering and thanking the dead, and for sharing the joy of life.
The outfit, produced by Rico* of vanilatte, preserves the appearance of traditional Día de Muertos clothing with an added Harmonia bloom touch. Gabriela's hair and makeup is designed by Momiji Igarashi and features striking gold eyeshadow.
The glass eyes made specially for Gabriela are made with colors often seen at nighttime Día de Muertos celebrations: an orange and blue base with orange sparkles reminiscent of marigold flower petals.
The doll also features a special skin tone and the first interchangeable head in the Harmonia bloom series. Originally designed shoes are included as well.
Be sure to welcome this special doll that symbolizes a wonderful, colorful festival to your collection.

Preorders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP and GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP US will include a special skull sticker for use on the doll body.

Set Contents:

- Doll with complete makeup
- Glass eyes
- Wig
- Dress
- Drawers
- Shoes
- Makeup mask
- Interchangeable feet parts (flat)
- Dedicated stand
- Dedicated eye stick
- Dedicated storage cover

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