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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild PVC Statue Urbosa Collector's Edition 28 cm

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First 4 Figures proudly presents Gerudo Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris: Urbosa!

Urbosa is brought to life with stunning detail in this high-quality PVC statue. Her dynamic pose makes her appear in mid-twirl, with her skirt and hair flowing free. The base's design features the Sheikah Eye symbol, consistent with the other statues in the First 4 Figures The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lineup.

The Collector's Edition of this statue has two (2) light-up LED modes (Static and Animated) in the base. When activated, the Sheikah Eye symbol will glow a brilliant blue: steadily on in Static mode and pulsating in Animated mode.

The Legend of Zelda;: Breath of the Wild - Urbosa (Collector's Edition) comes with the following:

- Exquisitely detailed PVC statue of Urbosa with pose inspired by official artwork
- Highly detailed base featuring the Sheikah Eye symbol.
- Two (2) Light-up LED modes (Static and Animated) for the base
- F4F Leaflet with 500 F4F reward points included

Size: 18 x 20,8 x 28,4 cm

Batterie required (1x 18500, not included) - available separately (DPO18500) - With USB-Plugin (cable not included)

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