The Unkillable Volume 1 PVC Statue The Unkillable 63 cm

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The Unkillable Volume 1

Imagine your worst horror-movie nightmare come true. You are being pursued by a bloodthirsty creature that's possessed by a mysterious supernatural fluid. This fluid has a fierce and unrelenting life force of its own; it will not let its host matter what!

You've nailed it in the heart multiple times, set it on fire, and blown it to pieces with dynamite until there was hardly anything left-it's still coming for you, and it will get you. It's only a matter of time...

As a last resort, you stake it to the ground and tie it down with barbed wire, hoping that will keep it in place. But that won't hold forever. All you can do now is run and hope that any person who comes across it will heed the warning note you've left behind.

That's the theme of Unkillable, the new horror collectibles series by creature creator Steve Wang. Run while you can! This thing is unkillable!

From the new horror collectibles series comes this highly detailed PVC statue. It stands approx. 63 cm tall and comes in a closed box.


- Approximately 25 inches in height.
- Approximately 22 inches in width.
- Approximately 20 inches in depth.
- Cast in a high-quality translucent resin for a life-like skin effect.
- Handmade glass eyes.
- Attractively themed display base.
- Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Steve Wang.

Limited Edition of 299 pcs worldwide.

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