30MM EEXM 30 ESPOSSITO Alfa 1/144

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The first "variable mass-produced machine" in the 30MM series, which is a new model of the Earth Alliance, is now available!
■ A new mechanism that becomes the basis for customizing variable machines by making the machine into a core unit.
■ It can be transformed into a flight form.
■ Each part of the mass production machine can be customized.
■ It can be further customized by combining Esposito with each other or with an separately sold Exa Vehicle.

■ Hand missile x 1
■ Shield x 1

OBS. Der er ikke fri fragt på 30MM figurer hvis de købes enkeltvis.

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.


Release Date:Nov 2021
Series:30MM / 30Minutes Missions
Item Size/Weight:30.0cm x 19.0cm x 4.6cm / 200g

Billeder af produkterne kan være professionelt malede eller computergengivne og kan afvige fra det faktiske produkt

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