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30MS SIS-A00 LULUCE [Color C]


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■ An all-in-one item that includes a character body, three facial expressions, and armor parts.
■ Smooth assembly is possible by arranging runner parts in pursuit of "optimum" with an awareness of ease of assembly and work conductors.
■ We adopt tampo printing for face parts. You can enjoy changing facial expressions according to the scene.
■ Face parts / hairstyle parts / body parts are lined up for each part. You can create your own sister by combining it with the separately sold parts.
■ You can enjoy "customization" by installing various optional parts sold separately.
■ We adopt shaft of 3mm diameter common to 30 MINUTES series. Parts of "30 MINUTES MISSIONS" can also be installed as an option.
(* The target age of the "30 MINUTES MISSIONS" kit is 8 years old and over.)
■ The "30 MINUTES SISTERS" official website has a "customized simulator" that allows you to imagine the actual recombination of plastic models.

■ Face parts x 3 types
■ Armor parts x 1 set
■ Hand parts Grip hands (left and right), weapon holders (left and right)

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Release Date:Sep 2021
Series:30MS / 30Minutes Sisters
Item Size/Weight:29.8cm x 19.0cm x 5.6cm / 280g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Endnu en rigtig fin søster og elsker det faktum at hendes hestehale er i en balljoint så intet problem med at få dvs rygsække osv på

Very cute and superbly simple to build

30 minute sisters are Bandai's answer to Kotobukia's "Frame Arms Girls".

I don't like 'anime girl' figurines or the like, normally anyway, but there's a few reasons as to why I like the 30 minute sisters kits, the main one being that you can swap parts with other kits.
One thing I should mention is that I've mixed the 'Body parts (Type G01 color A)' set for this model and the HG Dagger L, which make for a hilarious combination, HOWEVER the sockets of the shoulders on these girl kits are not suited for the larger ball joints of HG kits, so if you do mix them like I did, you will have sockets that are expanded, stressed and weakened, so keep that in mind!!
They are, however, meant to be parts swapped with regular 30mm kits, which fit just fine.

Luluce comes in white, sandy brown and grey colors and she has 'sunny skin' or a slightly orange tan.

The proportions are a mix of chibi and 'anime', with a big head, very slim shoulders and very long legs. She has a perky bust, a slim waist and wide hips.
The faces have exaggerated eyes, a tiny nose and a tiny mouth.
There are a few gaps around the model as soon as you start moving limbs, like inside the shoulders, the back when tilted, inside the hips and under the chin. For the most part, Bandai has done a very good job hiding these.

Her brown hair is very nicely sculpted with a ton of "strands" and plenty of opportunity for washing (adding color for depth) or if you wish, you could paint it. The ponytail is on a double peg and hinge, allowing it to lift/lower and swivel. All hair is interchangable between the heads on all 30ms kits.

Luluce is the smallest of the 3 current 30ms girls, almost a head lower than 'Richetta', the tallest one. Her torso and upper thighs are shorter, and likewise her thighs (meaning they don't fill out Richetta's torso for example). The arms are the same and so are the legs beneath the thigh disc.
You can't swap torso parts between the kits, such as the bust or midriff, they are different parts.

Overall the articulation is fine, in some places more limited than a regular 30mm or HG kit, in others it's comparable, but not exactly better. There are more joints on average, but it's to make up for the awkward limitations that are due to the proportions.
I'd be careful with the wrists and ankles, as they are tiny parts that can stress easily due to them not being simple ball joints.

Luluce has a worse bend, ab crunch and 'bust' crunch (almost nothing) than Richetta, likely due to the smaller proportions.
You can get some decent poses with this kit, in part due to the thighs being able to extend out a little independently, allowing for a higher kick and hip sway.
She can do a split, but not a side split.

The hands hold most standard HG/30mm "slide in" style weapons. The arms have a single elbow joint giving a 130 degree bend. The knees are double jointed.
The torso has an upper and lower hole on the back for 3mm parts.

3 faces, each printed with eyes/eyebrows and blush/freckles. One is a small smile that looks mostly straight ahead. One is a side glance. One is with angry eyes and a yelling mouth.
2 sets of hands, fists and holding.
2 shoulder armor plates with 3mm holes for 30mm equipment parts + a bushy tail (with a 3mm hole at the end) and 'raccoon ears' for the top of the head.
A backpack adapter.
A neck adapter to put the head on other kits.
A set of sandy brown discs and another set with pegs to put stuff on her, on her wrists, upper arms and thighs (such as a shield or armor part).
1 shield for mounting on one of the pegged wrist discs.

The MOST important part of this kit is how superbly simple it is to build and how perfectly undergated it is, more so than most RG's and MG's.
Each section of the model (head and torso, arms, legs) are divided into big numbers, which are displayed on the runners. So you take section "1" and break them from each runner to make a little pile, which is then every part for the head and torso.

The details are nice, the hair is really good and the joints aren't too "doll" like, especially because of the mechanical/armor looking leg and arm parts.
It's clear that customization is the goal of these kits and Bandai has made a TON of replacement hair, faces, torsos, weapon packs and so much more for each girl.

I recommend a 'simple stand' from the 'good smile company', which fit perfectly with these girls.

If you don't mind the color, skin and hair differences, I would personally recommend the Richetta for its larger size and better torso, giving a larger range of movement.