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HG GF13-017NJII God Gundam 1/144


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God Gundam is HG from "Mobile Fighter G Gundam"!

 ■ God Gundam is made into a kit in HG format. Due to its high posing performance, various action poses can be reproduced! Even the rear skirt can be moved to reproduce the pose! 

■ Several types such as wrists that reproduce Godfingers are included! 

■ The separation, coalescence, and deformation of the core lander are also reproduced. 

■ The chest hatch is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick, and the internal mold reproduces the energy multiplier! Molded product x 7, foil seal x 1, assembly manual x 1

Base ikke inkluderet.

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Release Date:May 2010
Series:G Gundam
Item Size/Weight:31.1cm x 19.2cm x 7.3cm / 300g

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Customer Reviews

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Fun fighter

“G Gundam” is one of the weirder shows. Where in the others the 20m tall mobile suits are used for warfare, this show uses them for fighting in a tournament. This one is one of the mobile suits that the protagonist uses.

That’s why this kit doesn’t have guns, but instead has several sets of hands that can be used for martial art poses, as well as two beam sabers, mounted on the side skirt.
Not shown on the pictures, the back “wings” or fins are actually part of a core fighter (jet) which can be detached and transform.
The mobile suit itself can open its feont chest hatch as well as both its calves, to reveal inner details.
The two “gauntlets” with claws can be moved forwards a little.

The kit is a bit sticker heavy.
Every black detail on the images are a sticker, which include skirts, shoulders, legs, feet and so on.

The articulation is good - Nothing bad and there’s more going on for an HG of its age than most kits, even some newer ones.

Give it a go!

Also, the “Nobell Gundam” is a ‘partner kit’ to this one, which includes a pair of hands for this kit (to “carry” the other, bridal style) and a special stand for both.

HG GF13-017NJII God Gundam 1/144
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