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HG XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe 1/144


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I anledning af 40 års Gunpla jubilæum, kommer her en lækker HG udgave af Deathscythe. Flot artikulation og detaljer på denne nye 2021 model. Beam Scythe, Beam Scythe stored state og Buster shield samt effektdele medfølger. 

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Release Date:May 2021
Series:Gundam Wing
Item Size/Weight:33x22x9 cm
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Customer Reviews

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The TV version of the original Deathscythe from “Gundam Wing”.

Some kits are meant to be full of gimmicks, some are huge with tons of large pieces and then there are elegant simple kits, like the HG Sandrock, the HG Heavyarms and now this.

The goal was to make a faithful representation and they succeeded.
It comes with its signature scythe. with two lengths of beams, a shield that opens into a claw with an attachable saber effect part and a shortened version of the scythe for storage on its back skirt.
The big scythe can turn its beam upwards as seen in the show.

The model itself has, like the two others, a much deeper ab-crunch due to the extra waist hinge, and can move the shoulder polycaps further ahead than most other HG kits, to enable very nice two handed poses with the scythe.

There are gimmicks in the shoulders and shins. The shoulders allow the arms to move more up, by moving detail out of the way.
The knees “unclick” and allow a third joint to extend the leg, which gives the leg more articulation, than the visual design would notmally permit. It’s a subtle feature.

The sticker sheet is tiny and features the usual eyes/camera lenses and a tiny red V fin. No other color correction (which is a good thing).

I am entirely biased, this being my favourite mobile suit of all time, but I heavily recommend it and its brothers which are all solid kits, along with the new 2021 RG Wing Gundam.