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HG Gundam Livelance Heaven 1/144

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The "Gundam Breaker Batlog Project", in which Gunpla and games are linked, will be launched worldwide from the summer of 2021! !!
The original aircraft of the project will appear in the anime "Gundam Breaker Batlog" scheduled to be delivered in the fall of 2021.
The original aircraft is now available as an HG Gunpla series that can be customized just like the game!

■ A remodeled aircraft of "Gundam Deathsize Hell" whose appearance of deploying active cloak is divine. In contrast to the original aircraft, the whole body is wrapped in white and gold coloring.
■ Equipped with large beam parts, carry a beam lance that changes into three forms: rod mode, lance mode, and size mode.
■ In the closed state, it reminds me of the Gundam Deathsize Hell, which is the base aircraft, but when the active cloak is deployed due to the new built-in arm structure, it reminds me of an angel with spread wings.

■ Rod x 1
■ Beam lance effect x 1
■ Foil seal x 1
■ Hand parts x 1 set

Base ikke inkluderet.

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Release Date:Nov 2021
Series:Gundam Breaker Battlogue
Item Size/Weight:33.0cm x 22.0cm x 9.0cm / 500g


Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Marsh

HG Gundam Livelance Heaven 1/144

Alexander Cassell Petersen

HG Gundam Livelance Heaven 1/144

Inverse Deathscythe Hell

This modelkit has one unique runner and the rest are based on the HG Deathscythe and the, as of yet, unannounced and unreleased HG Deathscythe Hell.
Besides left over parts from the HG Deathscythe, there are new parts, including an inner frame part of a head that is consistent with the rim of the Deathscythe Hell's design, likewise so are the barbed feet and obviously the active camo cloak.
Additionally it literally says Deathscythe Hell on one of the runners (in symbols).
Besides that tidbit, this kit contains plenty of its own unique parts and is meant to represent a custom opposite model of the Deathscythe Hell (Live-lance Heaven - get it? Subtle, I know).

The plastic comes in white, a very subtle lilac with some yellow, grey and injection mold gold for some inner frame parts and polycaps.

The head, chest, skirts and arms are unique to this kit along with a few details, such as the yellow split emblem on the front of the cape and some transparent blue parts on the arms.
There are plenty of opportunity for panel lining, as there are recesses everywhere.

There is one sheet with mixed color correcting stickers and foil details. The large yellow sections go on the inside of the cloak and back skirt, while the blue foils go on the shoulders, the halberd head and the front of the cloak.

This kit features the same waist as the HG Deathschythe, meaning you can lift the back skirt and the whole top will lean forwards while the legs remain in place, giving it a bigger ab crunch than kits normally have.
The pegs on which the legs are put on to, are a single joint that swings forward, allowing for an even greater 'bend over' or just to position the legs more forward.
The knee plates unlock from the shins and unlocks a third joint on the leg for a complete bend.
The cloak are two folding wings mounted on to the backpack and has a ton of articulation, too much to list to be honest, but there's an interesting two part ball joint between the bigger parts of the cloak that give them a little wiggle room.
You can pose the wings to be quite expressive, besides just being open or closed.

6 hands - 2 holding hands, 2 spread open hands and 2 holding hands with the thumb extended at an angle. All of these fit loosely in the socket, there is likely an error on the mold, but it's an easy fix.
1 "Livelance" Halberd style polearm, which has a yellow fin that moves and the head of the weapon bends down to mimic a scythe.
1 Beam Effect part which is the long Sinanju axe beam in light blue with glitter in it!
There is also an axe beam without the long part and a jagged beam saber part but no beam saber hilt.

It's an interesting kit, but ironically mostly for what it implies (that there's an HG Deathscythe Hell coming).
This is meant to draw in kids from the last short format show Breaker Battlogue, which means it's a custom kit that a character has made up for fun and has a design that is imaginative, rather than realistic or meant for a "real" Gundam setting.
As ugly as the big yellow stickers are, they are in line with the design and meant to be more cartoony. The foil stickers are mostly in recesses, but the ones on the front bend around a corner which isn't great.

I can't complain much since I knew what I was getting and there's not much wrong with the kit, but it feels somewhat mediocre/cheap for all the parts it reuses and especially the loose fitting hand ball joints.

There's a scale issue between the model and the show as well, as the halberd is absolutely MASSIVE on the model, compared to the Gundam, because the sinanju where the beam is from is very tall and the Livelance which is based on the deathscythe, is very short.
The beam effect part by itself is taller than the model and so is the halbard without the effect, which means the total weapon length is over twice as long as the model is tall - In the show the beam and head of the halbard are much smaller.
It's not a huge deal since I doubt anyone is a big fan of the show (the 'build' shows are steadily getting worse), but it is an inconsistency, so I'll call it out.

Considering the price difference and the lack of thought that went into this, I'd far sooner recommend the HG Deathscythe, even if they're not visually the same, you'll get a much more satisfying kit for two thirds of the price.
Again, it's not bad, it's just not that good. If you think it looks cool, then by all means get it.

HG Gundam Livelance Heaven 1/144
HG Gundam Livelance Heaven 1/144 Salgspris€40,95 Normalpris€46,95