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MG GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X 1/100


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Fra  "After War Gundam X" Er det den mægtige Gundam Double X! Den har de samme indre delesom Double X. De store Twin Satellite Cannons kan folde ud med de store reflector paneler spredt. Kanonerne kan vinkles i den retning du ønsker og kan desuden låses fast på skuldrene for bedre stabilitet. Der er desuden reflector paneler på både underarme og underben. Den kommer med Shiled, Buster Rifle, 2 Twin Satellite Cannons, 2 Hyper Beam Swords og en in-scale figur af Garrod Ran og Tiffa Adill.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.


Release Date:Mar 2015
Series:Gundam X
Item Size/Weight:31.0cm x 20.0cm x 13.5cm / 720g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nikolaj P.
Beautiful model

Built this as my third MG and all i can say is that it's a beauty. i used the shinny waterslides that GundamDaddy also sell and it really makes the model pop. Overall build is good and easier than i thought. i painted most of the vent parts gold to make it more "shinny" but as stated in the other review it's very backheavy so i would recommend a base to display it on.

Majestic but back heavy

The Gundam Double X is from the 'After War Gundam X' show, a mobile suit carrying a twin satellite cannon, powered by a powerplant on the surface of the Earth's moon, which projects a microwave beam to the chest section of the Gundam Double X and stores it in the giant reflector planels. The satellite cannon on the Gundam X is functionally a weapon of mass destruction, capable of wiping out an entire space colony. The twin cannon of the Double X is several times more powerful, has shorter cooldown and allows the mobile suit to fight while charging.
These Gundams are tragic reminders of a war that nearly caused the extinction of the human species.

The most visually interesting part are the six reflectors that fold out, which have a silver reflective piece in between the white plastic and the transparent yellow/orange covers. The reflection is rainbow colored and shifts brilliantly with the light. The transparent cover has a honeycomb pattern.
The cockpit has two green transparent covers with a pattern beneath them - I painted that pattern with a metal gundam marker, which makes the pattern shine through the cover.
There are heat fins hidden in the arms and legs which are in gold injection plastic, which is always an unfortunate choice. I'd recommend painting them a better gold color.
The kit is largely nicely undergated an doesn't suffer from a lot of obvious nub marks, it also features a nice mix of colors with plenty of navy blue breaking up the white and a good spread of panel lines.
There is an interesting motif on the head, with two of the V fins having more of a diamond shape and two smaller white fins on the cheeks, which together make an 'X', which makes for a unique looking Gundam head.
It's a good looking Gundam, in my opinion.

3 sheets, 1 with foils, 1 for sticker decals and 1 for the shiny reflector cards.

There's kind of a lot going on with this thing.
The waist section of the kit has a good range of movement to it, but due to the weight of the six panels and two huge cannons it is floppy when in the folded position. However, when the guns are deployed, the weight is more evenly distributed. You can use the cannons as rear stands.
The knee splits when the leg bends, but this isn't exactly a 'strike a pose' model kit due to its weight.

The six panels fold out with the middle one sandwiched between them, which clips on and off of either the bottom or top panel, as you wish. It's inelegant, but it works. They turn around themselves as well as back and forth (like flapping). You can hide the folded wings backwards so they don't just stick up, which is a nice touch.
The twin cannons swivel from the bottom to the top and then fold down over the shoulders. You then extend them twice and fold out cameras in the shoulders guards which extend and fit over the cannons and lock them in place, if somewhat insecurely.
There are two hidden hatches, one on the backpack behind a sliding panel and the other on the rear skirt behind a hatch, both seem to be 3mm holes, which have no stated purpose. I've tested the peg from the shield arm and it fits in the read hatch and also stabilizes the waist and back, but it doesn't exactly seem to be the intended purpose, moreso a coincidence.
Four hatches, one on each arm and leg, hide dual fins that fold out as you open the hatch. The side skirts have swiveling beam saber mounts.
The cockpit hatch opens on an arm with two joints.

Besides the two cannons, the Gundam Double X comes with -
1 Defense Plate (shield) on an arm with 5(!) points of articulation. The shield has a handle as well. The arm, as mentioned, can be mounted on the rear skirt.
1 Buster Rifle (no relation to Gundam Wing). The handle folds forwards and has a shallow C clip that snaps onto the shield arm, but the connection is a little loose and the stored position is awkward.
2 Hyper Beam Sword Handles (not 'hilts' for once!), which mount on the side skirts. They split apart for when equipped. There are two spiky green beam effects.
7 hands, 2 fists, 2 spread open hands, 3 holding hands.
1 Tiffa mini model.

The waist is annoying, but it's fixable with the shield arm being mounted on the back, which stiffens the back.
When in cannon mode, you can store everything on the rear skirt, which frees up the hands for a nice pose. Supposedly the backpack hatch was meant to be used with an equipment expansion, but I don't know that any was ever made.
Good build. It's a unique and striking looking model with a LOT of presence when unfolded, I highly recommend it.

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