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MG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 1/100


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Dette klassiske smukke kit har 17 runners samt base. Det har et virkelig god artikulering. Udstyret med Beam Mega Launcher, Shield, Beam Saber og Rifle medfølger, samt en mega cool catapult stand, som man ikke ser så ofte.

        Base inkluderet.

        Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

        Release Date:Dec 2005
        Series:Zeta Gundam
        Item Size/Weight:39.0cm x 31.0cm x 10.8cm / 1090g
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        Customer Reviews

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        Jan Kristensen
        et flot kit

        endnu et flot mg kit fra bandai

        Classic Transformer

        Zeta Gundam is the ‘true’ Gundam of the Zeta Gundam show, as the sleek and modern follow up to the more bulky Mk II.

        It was the first Gundam to have a transformation and the idea of a Mobile Suit forming into a flyer has been repeated in nearly every show ever since, yet it’s rarely been done as gracefully as the Zeta, which transforms into a Wave Rider mode that looks convincingly like a futuristic jet, albeit a massive one.

        This is also an ‘all time favourite’ kit as an MG 2.0 where Bandai upped their game considerably. 16 years later it still holds up just fine.

        The transformation is relatively simple compared to a transformers toy, but is far more advanced than a Wing Gundam, for example. It’s also a true transformer and not a parts-former.

        The kit comes with a large array of weaponry:
        A Beam Rifle, a shield that mounts as an extended cockpit, two wrist mounted grenade magazines, two beam sabers stored in the side skirts and a Hyper Mega Beam Launcher which is taller than the model itself.

        The kit also comes with a huge landing strip base, which transforms from a launch pad to a stand that you can mount it on.
        The large base that comes with the MG Mk II 2.0 attaches to the side of this one and there is an adapter to mount the Mk II.
        Below the base you can store the adapters and grenade packs; Very handy!

        There’s nothing wrong with this kit.
        It can feel a little fragile due to the nature of the parts involved, but it’s not a fragile kit to mess around with.
        While a lot of the limbs are advanced, the articulation is a bit limited and it struggles to stand on its own, mostly because it’s back heavy and the heels are a bit small. It poses just fine in the air however.
        Despite its age it looks great and has plenty of panel lines.
        I absolutely recommend this kit.

        MG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 1/100
        MG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 1/100 Salgspris€89,95