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MG RX-178 Gundam MK-II Ver. 2.0 A.E.U.G 1/100


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En af de modeller hvor man kunne mærke MG klassen gik et notch op i kvalitet. Led og især på benene fik en langt bedre bevægelighed og stabilitet. Crouching ser nu meget mere realistisk ud. Der er vinyl tubing, for fede våbendetaljer er med. 3 små figurer. Fås også i Titans udgaven.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.


Release Date:Oct 2005
Series:Zeta Gundam
Item Size/Weight:31.0cm x 39.0cm x 9.2cm / 860g
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Customer Reviews

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Jan Kristensen
en flot makker

dette kit er en flot makker til mg gundam zeta

He didn't skip leg day - Old but Gold

Note that the kit is from 2005, which means the technology that the kit utilizes is less advanced than kits even a couple years newer than this.

You'll need a glass nano file or be careful when removing nub marks, as the kit is not well undergated. I also recommend a panel liner as the kit looks plain, even more so than most other kits without it.

The product images don't look very nice - Thankfully the kit looks much better (no hot flaming cheeto neon orange on the leg vents!). The inner frame is an odd lilac, but looks grey under normal light, in case you thought it was off putting.
On the back of the legs as well as on top of the backpack, there is "vinyl tubing" (I think it's nylon) to add detail - Note that wire does NOT go into these, the wire is for the base. You can use a lighter to melt the ends of the tubing (so it doesn't fray), but be careful as it needs to expand over some parts when fitted.

The kit features a sheet on dry-transfer decals (you can see them prominently on the shoulders and shield), a sheet of reflective stickers (eyes, weapon camerasplus two yellow ones for the shield) and a sheet of sticker decals (avoid putting on dark plastic). No waterslide decals.

It's okay for the most part. The bad thing would be the waist which is near paralyzed and has an annoying skirt around it which is hard to get to, to fix.The waist-thigh joints are a bit limited.
The pistons on the foot move when you turn the ankles (which are quite limited side to side).
The legs and arms bend impressively far. The legs have segmented moving armor and the arms feature a plate that moves inside when you bend them (arm bends an impressive 180 degrees).
Only one set of hands which are articulated. They're a bit fussy to work with, but look nice. If you have big fat fingers, you'll struggle with these - use tweezers instead.
Cockpit opens via two hatches. A bit fiddly but it works.

2 beam sabers with 2 beam effects
1 beam rifle with a collapsable camera and detachable magazine. The rifle can hang on the side skirts, either side.
1 shield that can collapse and holds two additional magazines for the beam rifle - Gravity alone opens the shield making the mechanic useless, sadly. The shield hangs on a frame you put on the arm, which you can turn to have the shield mounted on the back or side of the arm.
1 bazooka with detachable magazine. A flap opens on the back skirt which holds the bazooka. An additional magazine comes with the kit and can be stored on the side skirts.
1 head mounted "ear muff" vulcan with an antenna. Entirely detachable and you're not really meant to equip it, it was a test part in the show.

You get a neat catapult stand that can connect to the one that comes with the MG 2.0 Zeta Gundam (the "teeth" on the side connect them), so you can have them standing side by side.
The model kit stands nicely on the foot plates. 3 little figurines come with, two of which attach to the included wire so they can float around the mobile suit to do maintenance. The third one rides the elevator and there's a fourth one inside the cockpit.

This was a fairly impressive 2.0 Master Grade version at the time, however it feels like they made the legs and decided it was too much work, so they made less of an effort on the rest of the kit, as nothing else is as detailed or well articulated, it's odd.
The kit looks good, if a bit plain, but the head with the iconic 'mean' look the Mk II has is spot on which makes me happy.

The legs are really the strong point of this kit and they're far more detailed and more advanced than for example the EW line of Gundam Wing MG kits (from 2012, 7 years newer), which have nowhere near the sophistication as this.
But then on the flip side there are other details that are High Grade level, like the hollow front and side skirts. Nothing else really does much of anything.
To explain this, you need to understand that this Gundam was meant to be a "viewer decoy" in the show. The much more advanced Zeta Gundam was the true protagonist mobile suit (hence the show name 'zeta gundam'), which featured a complicated transformation and a sleek design compared to the bulky Mk II. Ironically, for many this Gundam suit looked more iconic.

I give it full marks because there's nothing wrong with this. You can get bad or annoying old kits (such as the Real Grade RX-78-2), but this is not one of those, it's fairly nice and has cool stuff included. If you like how this looks (google images for 'Dalong', the product ones are not very good), then there's nothing else to worry about. If you like to paint your kits, then this one is very suitable, as the panels are easy to get off compared to many other kits.

For a model with better color separation and detail, I HIGHLY recommend the Real Grade Gundam Mk II. It's smaller, but pretty much everything about it is better. Or get both if you can afford it.