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MG RX-78-02 Gundam The Origin 1/100


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Den klassiske RX-78-02 er tilbage. Denne gang stylet som "The Origin" fra den populære Manga Comic "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.” På denne model er der en nu skulder kanon og mere fleksible ben og liv. Der medfølger fede effektdele til Gatling Gun og Firing Missiles er også inkluderet.

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Release Date:Nov 2015
Series:Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin
Item Size/Weight:39.0cm x 31.0cm x 8.0cm / 720g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sonny Muntwiler
Awesome figure, terrible hands.

A major if not the main selling point of gundam is to pose them as if they were in battle.

To this end Bandai Namco has made these cool little posable hands.. they're a fucking nightmare.

The fingers kept popping out to the point that I had to break out the superglue just to keep them attached, they don't do well with sharp angles like holding on to the shield..

Other than that, the figure is amazing, great attention to detail.

Modern Reboot Grandad

This is the 'The Origin' prequel version of the RX-78-2, a soft reboot of the original show, although this mobile suit specifically wasn't shown in the show itself, but in a manga.

This model does not feature a Core Fighter, so the midsection is solid.
There are three "major" version of this Mobile Suit, which is the 2008 MG 2.0, the 2013 3.0 and this 2015 edition.

Out of the big three, this is the most human in its proportions and not quite as bulky as the other ones. The 2.0 goes for anime accuracy and the 3.0 along with the RG version were based on the real life statue which featured more detail and color variation, mixing light greys with warm white panels.

While the 2.0 can seem a little bare and the 3.0 a little busy, this one is more in the middle and has more detail on the surfaces and enough scores and panel lines to make the panels pop without the overall look being busy.

The colors are more classic and subdued while the 3.0 are more saturated, giving this a softer look. Colors are as shown on the pictures.

The feet are very flat compared to its cousins and while they have a 'giant robot' charm, it runs counter to the rest of the model.

Curiously while the HG version of this kit allowed you to build different versions, this much more expensive kit does not offer the same options. You cannot replace the left side chest cannon with a plain panel for example.

The kit comes with one foil sticker sheets for cameras and eyes and a sticker decal sheet with warnings and a few logos.

This is the best articulated kit of the three. The proportions and swing-down thigh joints allow for more human looking movement/poses, especially aerial ones. The feet have a wide range of movement and the toes turn.

Most notably due to the missing core fighter, it has an excellent pull-out ab crunch.

The hands are the same type as the Nu and Hi-Nu Ver.Ka (and 3.0 I belive). kits which feature highly articulated fingers with more joints and movement. They're a little large for a kit this size but it doesn't look awkward.
They're also more delicate, as I'm writing this I closed the hand around the shield handle and two of the fingers popped out. I didn't force these parts, it's that the sockets the finger joints go into are softer and tend to give way. Not a big problem if you're aware.

There's a handful of opening panels, one being a hidden gun in the chest and the tops and insides of the shoulders open for much greater arm lifts. 2 thrusters are hidden in the calves.

This kit comes with 1 set of highly articulated hands
2 Beam Saber Hilts and 2 Beam Saber Effect parts
1 Beam Rifle
1 chunkier Beam Rifle
1 Hyper Bazooka
1 backpack over-the-shoulder cannon
1 Amuro Ray in the seat and 1 standing figure
3 pale yellow "flame fire" effect parts for the two chest guns and either wrist mounted barrels
1 Base Adapter

Much like the 2.0 the rifles can be stored on the shield and they also, along with the bazooka, fit on the butt.
The shoulder cannon is optional and there is a second beam saber holder as an alternative.

The main thing that this kit has going for it is that everything works. The 2.0 works almost entirely fine but the ankles can be a little fiddly and the 3.0 tends to be loose and a little wiggly.
This kit is almost entirely solid and nothing falls off of it. There is a feeling of a slight bit lower tolerance, such as the barrel of the second rifle being quite loose, the wrist guns aren't very tightly on and there's a quality feeling of the 2.0 that this kit does not have - That being said, this is not a low quality kit by any stretch, it just doesn't feel thought out as well.

Which one of the 3 big grandad kits you want depends entirely on the aesthetics that you prefer. For me the whole point of the RX-78-2 aka "Gundam" is that it looks like it does in the original anime, because that's the OG. Even the first 90's MG does not look like it does in the anime and is a redesign.
For a redesign I prefer the 3.0.

For equipment this is on par with the 2.0 and offers an additional different rifle and the shoulder cannon, while the 2.0 offers the "Gundam Hammer" (literally an anchor with a chain and spiked ball) and the Beam Javelin, both have beam sabers a rifle, a bazooka and a shield.

As its own kit this is an enjoyable build experience and it does look aesthetically pleasing. There've been many redesigns of this mobile suit and not all of them look great (G40).

It's perfectly average.

10/10 kit

10/10 kit af min yndlings iteration af rx-78-2 med enconsistent look og bedre articulation end rx-78-2 2.0/3.0. og manga accurate Jeg vil også anbefale at have en action base. Og jeg vil også anbefale at læse gundam the origin mangaen vis i kan finde det

Rasmus Erixon Pierrou
Awesome Kit

Amazing kit and amazing customer reception/Service.

Per Vestergaard


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